inSPIRE is a journey to connect your heart with the heart of God, through faith in Jesus and the timeless principles found in the Bible. We believe wholeness and life are found there. It is our joy to be the source for you, your group, or your church, for flexible, free, Bible-based video lessons and printable studies, so that you can explore faith wherever you are, whoever you are with. inSPIRE CHANNELS has emerged from a legacy of nation-wide outreach and Bible fellowships and we stand on the shoulders of bold, godly leaders and volunteers who paved the way before us.



Surrounded by family and embraced by a church that modelled the love of Christ, Donna Lee committed her life to God as a child, and has been awed and transformed by God’s Word ever since. She has taught the Bible as a lay person, ordained pastor and ministry leader and is the creator of inSPIRE resources. Donna Lee is thrilled to ignite your hunger for wholeness through God’s timeless principles, and to launch your own transforming discoveries and discussions, through inSPIRE CHANNELS. Donna has a Masters in Human Services, and, as a life-long learner, continues post graduate work in Christian theology. It is her privilege to be your host, at  inSPIRE CHANNELS 



Our board of directors are passionate ambassadors for Christ and for our ministry. They collaborate on vision, give strategic input and ensure accountability in business, in order to bring glory to God.


Chairperson: Shannon Landriault, Ottawa, Ontario

Vice Chairperson: Jan Schock, Edmonton, Alberta

Treasurer: Ginette Genest, Ottawa, Ontario



We are a non-profit charity that operates by faith and through the generosity and support of donors. We offer free video lessons and printable resources for individuals, leaders, and small groups to share and learn about wholeness through faith in Jesus. Donations help to ensure that inSPIRE CHANNELS remains completely FREE to all, and accessible globally. 



- the Bible is truth and is our standard
- Jesus Christ came to earth, God incarnate, and was born of the Virgin Mary
- God exists as the Trinity— Father, Son and Holy Spirit
- Jesus was raised from the dead, and returned to heaven
- all human beings are born with a sinful nature and need a saviour
- Jesus Christ became the sacrifice before God when he shed blood and died as the payment for the sins of the whole world
- our salvation is entirely a gift of grace, through faith, and not the result of the good things we have done outweighing the bad
- believers will spend eternity with God, and unbelievers will experience eternal separation from God
- there will be a literal resurrection of the bodies of believers at the time of the return of Jesus Christ
- the supreme mission of God’s people in this age is to communicate the Gospel to everyone